Aluminum is the third most abundant material on the planet and one of the most used industrially. Its mechanical properties make it widely used in making drink cans, computers, bicycles, automotive industry items, and general machinery. Bauxite is the main ore in which aluminum is extracted from nature. Despite its abundance in nature, one of the main processes for obtaining aluminum through ore is made by high temperatures and chemical processes, resulting in high energy consumption (about 14.5 kW/h to get 1 kg of aluminum). This makes aluminum recycling very advantageous, as in addition to saving energy significantly, it can be recycled infinite times.

Aluminum recycling
Aluminum cans

The aluminum recycling process is relatively simple, starting with the collection. Then the materials undergo a screening and cleaning, removing all impurities such as ink, dirt and other waste. There is the problem of slag generated during cleaning, which contains a high content of toxic elements. However, it can be reused in different sectors, such as concrete production for example.

Once clean and sanitized, the waste is crushed and pressed for transportation to the casting centers. Aluminum is melted in ovens over 700 °C and placed in molds forming ingots, which are sold for new products. Thus, returning to your production chain.

As we can see, the advantages of aluminum recycling are not only environmental but also economical. Since this activity involves various sectors of society making a source of income for many people. In addition, the raids generated from recycled aluminum meet the same standards as aluminum extracted from ores.

TM Scrap Metals Aluminum Recycling Center

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