German Company Stresses Environmental Benefit

While the benefits of scrap metal recycling seem obvious, and are things we touch on in our blog posts regularly, there is still a lack of incentives around the world for people (and companies) to take part in greater metal recycling efforts. One case in point is in Germany. Andreas Schwenter, President of the Federal Association of German Steel Recycling and Disposal Companies (BDSV) was recently quoted as saying there is still no incentive for ferrous (and nonferrous) metal recycling in Europe despite the obvious benefits.

los angeles recycling center green
los angeles recycling center green

According to Recycling Today, metal recycling’s benefits include greenhouse gas reduction and conservations of resources. Companies that manufacture metal items already well know that using recycled materials is cheaper than those produced from scratch and yet, as Schwenter states, incentives for additional uses of these materials is lacking in Germany and elsewhere.

Higher quotas for scrap metal in Europe could affect Los Angeles recycling centers

He states that by using one ton of recycled steel it saves more than one and a half times as much emissions compered to non-recycled steel.  Stainless steel, too, he adds saves as much as 4.3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Schwenter is calling for the German government to impose a minimum use quota on manufacturers so that they must use a certain amount (percentage) of recycled materials in their products.

Affect on Los Angeles Recycling Centers

Should that minimum be imposed it would benefit the BDSV and other companies like it, but it would also have the effect of approaching a climate-neutral operation for companies who do use more scrap. If incentives such as this are put in place in Germany and other parts of Europe, the demand for recycled scrap metals will only increase and the effect will be felt here in Los Angeles, too. An increase in worldwide demand for scrap metal means American recycling centers like TM Scrap Metals will be pressed to produce more scrap to service foreign markets. What does that mean for the independent scrapper or individuals looking to make extra money by selling scrap metal for cash? More money! The higher the demand the lower the availability of scrap—at least in the short term. Alongside industries like housing, which continues to drive up the price of copper, companies who have to meet a particular quota for recycled metals would add to the demand, thus pushing prices higher until production meets or exceeds that demand.

For now we keep our eyes on Germany and the scrap metal market in Europe, however signs are positive that the demand for our product (and for our customers’ metal) will only increase. For those looking for the best scrap metal prices in Los Angeles, TM Scrap Metals is one of the highest-paying scrap metal buyers in Southern California.