If you read recycling news such as the website Recycling Today, you get to keep your finger on the pulse of scrap metal recycling. Reuse of nonferrous metals especially is a prime focus for many businesses that utilize scrap metal. In recent years there has been a move to consolidate recycling practices and for all the disparate companies that utilize recyclable materials to let their consumers know how to properly dispose of (i.e., recycle) their products.

The point of this is to encourage as many companies as possible worldwide to adopt standard packaging which includes the How2Recycle label. The How2Recycle label was established as a standard labeling system to provide recycling instruction to the public who buy products. The How2Recycle website states that “forward thinking” brands have adopted this labeling in a win-win effort to encourage their customers to recycle their products which ultimately makes more recyclable materials (that is, scrap metal) available for reuse.

Los Angeles recycling center sign
Los Angeles recycling center sign

While recycling of materials especially (in our case) nonferrous metals in the Los Angeles area is a lofty goal, for some items or materials there may be a right and wrong way to recycle. Using the example of a plastic bottle, the How2Recyle label will tell the consumer to empty and replace the cap on said bottle prior to bringing it to the nearby recycling center. In some cases the labeling will let consumers know whether an item is acceptable for recycling. In some cases a plastic tub (the kind that contains things like cream cheese) may not be recyclable in certain areas. The labeling system will let consumers know.

The latest large corporation to incorporate How2Recycle labels in their packaging in Anheuser-Busch. According to the article in Recycling Today, the company will begin altering their packages to include the new labeling system and hopes to have it implemented across all their brands soon. The company’s goal is to have 100% of its packaging made from returnable or majority recycled material by 2025. Giving consumers some guidance on exactly how to recycle their packaging will aid in providing those same materials (e.g. recycled aluminum cans or glass bottles) for reuse in future products.

Local recycling centers like our appreciate correct standards

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Regardless of packaging or instructions, most nonferrous metals are in great demand in the Los Angeles area so bringing them to your local recycling center (such as TM Scrap Metals, Inc.) is a great way to help the environment. However, everyone love to get paid and getting cash for your scrap aluminum is also good for your wallet. Visit us today to get top dollar for your scrap.