Sell Your Scrap Metal to Us!

Metal recycling is a great way to make extra money for Christmas. With the state of the economy being what it is and just about everything costing more, it’s important to find ways to make extra money.

Selling scrap metal for cash
Sell scrap metal for Christmas cash

In the Los Angeles area, you may want to consider recycling your scrap metals and turning them into cash to spend on whatever you need. For ideas on what metal items you may have around your house, check out our other blog articles. Copper recycling is popular since it’s a metal that’s in demand and pays a lot per pound but other metals can fetch good prices too.

Take a look in your garage or attic for old metal items that may be taking up space. Old car rims (aluminum) are big, heavy and can result in a lump of cash in your pocket instead of coal in your stocking.

If inflation is putting the squeeze on your household, selling scrap metal can help make this Christmas a little more merry. Call us today for pricing and quotes! 818-771-0510.