If you recall our August 30 post, you know we made mention of the backup of ships coming into the port of Los Angeles. Similar backups exist throughout California and those container ships that will be hauling away scrap metals from the U.S. have an extended wait outside our local ports thanks to shortages in manpower due to COVID.

Scrap metal ships backup up outside Los Angeles
Scrap metal ships backup up outside Los Angeles

A recent weekend trip to Huntington Beach and a walk on that city’s famous pier revealed that no less than 50 container ships are anchored off the coast, stuck in place until space opens up at the port of Long Beach. The amateur tourist video we include on this page shows the massive amount of ships in the water.

Will scrap metal ship backup affect Los Angeles recycling centers?

Exports of scrap metals from the Los Angeles area for recycling overseas will necessarily be delayed as a result of this backup. It also now appears that the delays will be increasing compared to the August 30 article statistics simply because there are more ships that cannot be offloaded and reloaded quickly.

Will Backup Affect Los Angeles Recycling Centers?

What affect this will have on our local Los Angeles recycling centers remains to be seen. For the time being, operations at local scrap yards continue unabated and scrap metal prices continue to be some of the highest paid in recent years.