Los Angeles Scrap Yard Takes Old Parts

Recycling automobile parts is a popular pastime for many scrappers in Los Angeles. Sure, most times when our cars ultimately bite the dust we have them towed away to end up if they’re lucky at some pick-your-part junkyard where the various pieces may see new life in someone else’s auto. If you’re enterprising, however, some of those car parts can provide you with extra cash. And some of our customers make a full-time living from extracting old automobile parts.

Los Angeles car grill with aluminum radiator to be recycled
The L.A. car may have an aluminum or copper radiator to be recycled

One part of the car that shouldn’t be overlooked is the radiator. These play a vital role in any car due to the fact that the engine generates a tremendous amount of heat, even while idle but especially at higher speeds. The engine must be kept cool (below a certain temperature) to keep running without overheating. We’ve all seen someone on the side of the road with steam coming out of the engine (or maybe that’s been us). Well, that’s because the radiator failed to cool the engine, causing it to seize up.

Radiators keep the engine cool because they contain a mixture of coolant and water which circulates around the engine, cooling it off in the process. The heated liquid then travels back into the radiator (usually at the front of the vehicle) where it’s cooled by wind created as the car or truck moves forward.

There may be cash for scrap radiators in your car here in Los Angeles

In the old days radiators were made from copper or brass. Nowadays, however, they’re made from aluminum which is lighter and cheaper. The demand for scrap aluminum is constant so it makes old radiators a prime piece of scrap metal that can be recycled.

One can’t just remove a radiator from a car and bring it to the scrap yard, however. As we mentioned, these parts contain antifreeze which is a hazardous liquid and if ingested by people or animals can be fatal. It’s vital that you drain any radiator of its liquid and properly dispose of or recycle the antifreeze. Some scrap yards may or may not take radiators so it pays to give a call first to see if your local scrap metal recycler does or does not.

It also pays (literally) to check prices per pound for radiators. Prices do fluctuate from day to day but again one quick call to your recycling center will let you know what you can expect to make by recycling scrap aluminum radiators.