Recycling And Repurposing Your Scrap

Most of our customers use our services to make extra money and provide us with as great a quantity of metals as possible to maximize their ROI. However, bringing your excess metals to a recycling center such as ours is not the only way to eliminate waste. For those who are in possession of or find smaller amounts of metals, reusing these metals in costume jewelry is another way to “recycle” as well as making a profit.

The kind of jewelry many people make as a sideline or business is known as costume jewelry and it is frequently produced with non-precious metals (such as the scraps our customers rbring us in bulk), and usually silver or gold plated, and with or without stones and beads. The Ancient Egyptians are understood to have actually used decorative beaded necklaces and Cleopatra is probably one of the original users of what we now call costume jewelry.

Jewelry made from scrap metals
Jewelry made from scrap metals

A large range of materials are typically used to make beads for this type of jewelry such as wood, potter, jet, amber, gemstones, metals (as we said), ceramics, horn, ivory, coral, pearls and tortoiseshell. And of course modern-day sutff such as nylon or plastics and even polycarbonate variations are likewise used to make the beads which go with each piece of jewelry. This type of “homemade” jewelry can be in any style such as antique or contemporary and there are those who are drawn to one of more style of costume fashion jewelry. Venetian glass pieces of this type of jewelry are particularly collectable as well as being extremely popular for people to wear. In each case, no matter the style or other materials used, the base will always be a type of metal.

Cleaning up this type of jewelry is very basic but requires to be done regularly to prevent staining. Just use a mild cleaning agent mixed in water to keep your costume fashion jewelry in great condition. It is very important not to soak the fashion jewelry and to make certain that you dry it thoroughly before storing it. You can purchase anti-tarnish paper for covering your this type of jewelry in prior to you put it away for extended periods of time but routine cleaning is the very best defense against tarnishing. The tarnishing of costume jewelry is usually triggered by the metal responding with the environment and oxidizing.

If you can melt your own scrap metal, you could make your own jewelry!

There are a large number of individuals who are unable to wear this type of jewelry next to their skin. Costume jewelry may look lovely and, especially in the case of modern pieces, be fairly priced, however it is not ideal for everybody to use. For numerous people a piece of costume jewelry may be the very first fashion jewelry that they have actually used and it is essential to look out for indications of a reaction, especially after prolonged durations of wear.

This is just one o0f the precautions that comes with working with, or in this case waering, metal. Regardless of any drawbacks, utilizing scrap metal and repurposing it as costume jewelry is another way to reduce landfill use and make something beautiful in the bargain!