Metals in Places You May Not Have Thought About

Metals that we get as scrap have some very interesting origins. When we talk about recycling, for the most part we’re referring to scrap metals. There are other facilities in Los Angeles and around the country that are dedicated to other items, however. Some of those recyclable items may be hiding in your home of office and you may not even be aware of it.

Mattress springs metal recycling
Mattress springs are metal for recycling

Take the mattress for example. Sure, they’re big and bulky and when they’ve passed their “best by” date the thing most people do with them is throw them out—many times just dumped on the side of the road.  Not only does that not do anyone (or the environment) any good, it’s a waste in more ways than one. That’s because they’re gold (figuratively) in them thar mattresses.

Think about it. In most mattresses that springiness and support comes from a series of metal coils.  In addition to the wood that comprises the box spring portion of your bed those metal coils are one thing that adds to the weight of your mattress. That’s why moving it is such a pain sometimes. But think about how many mattresses are tossed away, either in landfills (it’s estimated 55,000 mattresses per day go into local landfills) or in an abandoned lot or on the side of the road. Each one of those mattresses contains a significant amount of metal. To metal recyclers, that metal means profit. That’s why we said there’s gold in them. Not real gold but metal that can be scrapped and recycled.

We’re big on non-ferrous metals here at TM Scrap Metals. Most mattress coils or springs are made of tempered steel which is a ferrous metal. The demand for non-ferrous metals is high and most fetch a higher price than those metals which contain iron but there is no letup in demand for steel so recycling those old mattresses makes sense and can make you cash.

Metal for recycling in interesting places

All of this is an example of some of the places you can find metals that can be scrapped and recycled at your scrap metal buyer for cash. It might be a mattress or it could be the aluminum rims on the old car in the middle of your yard. Look around you. We bet you can find several examples of metal objects that can be recycled. If you’re beginning to get into scrapping, start thinking like the scrap metal pros who make good use of every ounce of metal they can find. Recycling centers like us are always going to be on the lookout for new scrappers and will pay top dollar for metals.

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