More Recycling Ships Backed Up in Local Harbors

Scrap metal ships backup up outside Los Angeles

If you recall our August 30 post, you know we made mention of the backup of ships coming into the port of Los Angeles. Similar backups exist throughout California and those container ships that will be hauling away scrap metals from the U.S. have an extended wait outside our local ports thanks to shortages in […]

Los Angeles Port Backup Affecting Scrap Metal Recycling Market

Shipping containers with scrap metal for recycling Los Angeles

Lack of Containers, COVID Cited Los Angeles, CA—The port of Los Angeles is experiencing a backlog in ships that is is able to service. Recently the number of ships awaiting unloading at the port in San Pedro, CA was at a high of 30.  Their cargoes, including non-ferrous metal items meant for scrap metal recycling […]