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Scrap metal can pay handsomely. When it comes to metal recycling, however, it can be hard to separate trash from treasure The first step is in your hands. Do a quick sort through your metal items. You may have an old washing machine or a junk drawer. If so, then you own scrap metal. Have a refrigerator you’re getting rid of? That’s scrap metal too. You might be surprised what things contain scrap metal. Your city can be a (literal) gold mine. Coper is one of the most popular scrap metal items. Look at cookware, old plumbing pipes or electrical wiring. If you a neighbor is getting rid of an old appliance, it probably has scrap metal. If they don’t have a problem with you taking it, grab it. Once you have possession of the item, give us a call. We can even come get it with our mobile recycling option. Call us at 818-771-0510