#1 Insulated Copper Wire Recycling

Insulated wire recycling

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Get Paid for your #1 Insulated Copper Wire

This is one time your trash may be valuable!  Insulated copper wire is among the most common sources for scrap copper.   Copper wire prices also fluctuate from day to day, so please contact us to get the current prices.  

Where do I find #1 Insulated Copper Wire?

You can find #1 insulated copper wire at any remodeling job, construction sites or even for a job you did in your own home.  #1 insulated copper wire consists of wire or cable that is clean, unalloyed, uncoated or untinned.  It needs to be plastic insulated, or a gauge thickness of 16 or larger, all ends being cut off, insulation does not need to be stripped.