Recycling Obsolete IT Hardware

Scrap metal salvaged from obsolete PC

A Look At the IT Pros Who Scrap Old PCs Metal recycling Los Angeles? If it’s old IT hardware, bring it to us. But who are the people who use it? Let’s take a look: Every minute of every day some new type of technology is being developed. Technology is popping up all over the […]

Anchorage Alaska’s Recycled Metal Transport

Recycled metal used in Alaska transport

When you think metal recycling Los Angeles, you most likely think “where can I drop my scrap metal off for cash?” That’s perhaps the extent. But take a moment to imagine where the recycled materials end up. It just may be that your aluminum can has become part of Anchorage, Alaska’s public transport system! Anchorage’s […]

Scrap Metal From Space: Asteroids

Asteroid composed of metal

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting to Recycle These Asteroids are a source of wonder for many scientists and laymen alike and their miniscule cousins, meteorites sometimes shower down upon the earth. If you’re looking for more sources of metal to bring to a local scrap yard, meteorites could be on your list. Luckily their larger […]

What Does Scrap Metal Become?

metal recycling to chandelier

Case in Point: Contemporary Chandeliers Metal recycling yields tons of metal that can be reused for new items. As we’ve written a gazillion times, old cans become new aluminum drink cans without the need for mining new sources of metal. That’s easily understood by just about everyone. But what are some other products your (and […]

Unexpected Metal Uses

Recycled metals can kill these bacteria

More on Colloidal Silver and Killing Germs “Colloidal silver kills bacteria.” This is what adverts are promoting about colloidal silver. Is it true? That’s the question. As a scrap metal yard here in Los Angeles, we deal day in and day out with metals. It’s rather obvious that aluminum cans get melted down and remade […]

Colloidal Silver

Digging Deeper Into Metals and Their Uses We scrap metal and make it reusable. For 99% of you, you probably don’t give metals a second thought. What matters is the cash you receive from recycling your scrap. However, if you take a second you’ll find that metal (whether newly forged or recycled) is a fascinating […]

Automobile Transportation Companies Supply Consumers Better Options

junk car sold as scrap for cash

Getting That Junk Car to the Scrap Metal Dealer You may want to sell metal auto parts for scrap and make extra cash. That’s great and we’re here for you. If the parts are removed from the vehicle they’re easier to transport and you can always take advantage of our mobile recycling service. However, some […]

An Intro To Pallets & Their Uses

Wood pallets at L.A. metal recycling center

Scrap Metal Usually Ends Up On One A pallet is a flat structure, which is utilized to carry a range of products while being raised by a forklift. In some locations, but less commonly utilized, metal pallets are also available. Used for moving a lot of heavy stuff all at once, these are seen at […]

Can All Metal Structures Withstand An Earthquake?

Metal recycling Los Angeles produces any number of items. One is the metals used in construction of buildings. It’s worth noting that metal structures can be extremely strong and in earthquake prone California, do these types of buildings stand up to the forces exerted upon them? In specific areas of the world, it is important […]

Picking Metal Mailboxes

metal recycling into mailboxes on fence

Metal Recycling From Scrap to Functional Decor Metal recycling has many outcomes. The scrap you turn in to your dealer and get paid for may end up as aluminum siding, a stainless steel knife, a brass plumbing fixture or even a mailbox outside your home! There are a lot of individuals today that require a […]