Recycling Radiators in SoCal

Los Angeles car grill with aluminum radiator to be recycled

Los Angeles Scrap Yard Takes Old Parts Recycling automobile parts is a popular pastime for many scrappers in Los Angeles. Sure, most times when our cars ultimately bite the dust we have them towed away to end up if they’re lucky at some pick-your-part junkyard where the various pieces may see new life in someone […]

Looking Closer at Aluminum Scrap

Scrap aluminum melted at foundry in Los Angeles, CA

Variable Pricing in Los Angeles Depending on Items Aluminum scrap has been a mainstay of the recycling industry for decades. Every kid learns early on that collecting used aluminum cans is a quick (or maybe not so quick) way to make some easy spending money.  However, there’s more to scrap aluminum pricing than flattened soda […]

Malaysia Import Restrictions May Cause Copper Recycling Trouble

Loading Los Angeles scrap metal to container ships

New Regulations Could Disrupt Supply Chains Worldwide As we mentioned in an earlier post, proposes restrictions on scrap metal imports in Asia (specifically Malaysia) could put the brakes on U.S. exports of recyclable metals (ferrous and nonferrous) to that country. According to the Bureau of International Recycling, the Malaysian government recently submitted documentation along with […]

More Recycling Ships Backed Up in Local Harbors

Scrap metal ships backup up outside Los Angeles

If you recall our August 30 post, you know we made mention of the backup of ships coming into the port of Los Angeles. Similar backups exist throughout California and those container ships that will be hauling away scrap metals from the U.S. have an extended wait outside our local ports thanks to shortages in […]

California To Crack Down on False Recycling Claims

Plastic vs scrap metal recycling Los Angeles

Holding Manufacturers Accountable for Symbols Recycling centers in Los Angeles may be dealing with less materials if legislators in Sacramento get their way. State Senator Ben Allen is the lead sponsor of a bill in the Senate which would ban companies from utilizing the familiar recycling arrows symbol unless those companies can prove that the […]

Making a Living By Recycling Aluminum Cans?

Los Angeles homeless recycle aluminum cans

Looking at California’s Recycling Laws Recycling aluminum cans for cash is something most of us may do every once in awhile. Odds are if you live in Los Angeles you’ll toss your empty cans into that blue recycling bin to be picked up on trash/recycling day each week. Sure, it’s good for the environment but […]

European Incentives to Recycle Scrap Metal

los angeles recycling center green

German Company Stresses Environmental Benefit While the benefits of scrap metal recycling seem obvious, and are things we touch on in our blog posts regularly, there is still a lack of incentives around the world for people (and companies) to take part in greater metal recycling efforts. One case in point is in Germany. Andreas […]

How2Recycle: Not Just a Phrase, a Labeling System

Los Angeles recycling center sign

If you read recycling news such as the website Recycling Today, you get to keep your finger on the pulse of scrap metal recycling. Reuse of nonferrous metals especially is a prime focus for many businesses that utilize scrap metal. In recent years there has been a move to consolidate recycling practices and for all […]

House Bill HR 2698 Seeks to Remove Tariffs on Aluminum Imports

scrap aluminum prices los angeles

May Affect Aluminum Can, Boat Producers Legislation introduced in the House of Representatives in April (HR 2698) as well as a similar bill in the Senate (the Aluminum Pricing Examination Act or APEX) sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton and Tammy Baldwin would be tied to efforts to repeal tariffs on imported aluminum that have been […]

Los Angeles Port Backup Affecting Scrap Metal Recycling Market

Shipping containers with scrap metal for recycling Los Angeles

Lack of Containers, COVID Cited Los Angeles, CA—The port of Los Angeles is experiencing a backlog in ships that is is able to service. Recently the number of ships awaiting unloading at the port in San Pedro, CA was at a high of 30.  Their cargoes, including non-ferrous metal items meant for scrap metal recycling […]