South African Scrap Metal Market Manipulation

Johannesburg South Africa scrap metal recycling

Government Interference Hurts Low Wage Earners South Africa—A recent scrap metal recycling decision by the government of South Africa is having the effect of depressing scrap metal prices and causing a shortage of scrap metals in that country. The actions of the government point out how micromanaging an industry may sound good but in practice […]

International Aluminum Scrap Market in Flux

Scrap for Asian secondary metals market

China, Indonesia, Malaysia Key Players in Trade Some recent decisions by Asian governments regarding the import of scrap aluminum may signal positive signs for the U.S. scrap metal recycling industry. The Asian market is not without some hurdles, however. While prior to 2013, China was perhaps the world’s largest importer of scrap aluminum. That government’s […]

Copper Recycling Prices

Copper mine aerial view

Copper Price Per Pound Going Strong Post-Pandemic Copper recycling prices have been on the rebound since a  copper price per pound low of $2.17 which occurred in March of 2020. Now that economies around the world are opening up after dealing with more than a year of coronavirus-induced shutdowns, there is increased demand for this […]

Scrap Metal Market Robust Through 2021

Steel mill using scrap metals

Industry Healthier Than Early 2000s According to economic indicators it appears that the metals market will contine to be strong for the rest of the year. As Recycling Today (RT) reports, there are a number of factors that contribute to the health of the scrap metal recycling industry (including economic outlook, taxes, etc.) but overall […]

Recycling Initiative on November Ballot in California

Non-recycled plastic in California ocean

Effort to Reduce Plastic Waste SACRAMENTO—In recycling news we recently learned that a new initiative will be on the California ballot in November of this year.  Aimed at reducing or eliminating the main sources of plastic waste the California Recycling and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act is officially on the ballot. The ballot measure is supposed […]

State To Urge Californians to Buy Recyclable Items

Los Angeles California recycling center bins

One of Many Recommendations on State’s Recycling System Did you know the recycling system in California was broken? If not broken, at least some in Sacramento consider it in need of an overhaul or update. While no legislation has been passed regarding recycling protocols in the state, a California Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets & […]

Waste Management Initiatives To Increase U.S. Recycling

Municipal solid waste for recycling Los Angeles

Statistically Still Low in Los Angeles, Elsewhere Despite an overall boom in recycling in the United States, efforts to increase the amount of items that are recycled have not, as yet, been as fruitful as proponents wish. According to an article on the RTS website, municipal solid waste (MSW) is recycled at a rate of […]

Fluctuations in Asian Scrap Market Prices

Japanese scrap metal export ship

Affects Scrap Metal Pricing in Los Angeles, Other Markets Scrap metal prices are subject to change and it’s a key reason scrappers in Los Angeles check the daily prices. What may have been a record price for brass last week may be lackluster this week. Just as with other stocks and financial markets around the […]

Where To Find Scrap?

Mattress springs metal recycling

Metals in Places You May Not Have Thought About Metals that we get as scrap have some very interesting origins. When we talk about recycling, for the most part we’re referring to scrap metals. There are other facilities in Los Angeles and around the country that are dedicated to other items, however. Some of those […]

Where Does Scrap Metal End Up?

Scrap aluminum being melted at foundry

New Ingot Production Plant Will Increase Demand As recent article in Recycling Today talks about the plan by the European company Hydro (part of Norsk Hydro, based in Norway) to open an ingot plant in Michigan. The facility in Eastern Michigan would, of course, mean more jobs for the industry in the state which is […]