Scrap Metal Pricing

Scrap metal price costs can vary day by day. The cost of scrap metal depends on many different factors.  Scrap costs can even differ between different markets across different cities,  even in the U.S.   To get a current scrap pricing quote, it is recommended that you call us or get in touch with us after filling out the quote forms below.  

Below are the items we collect and recycle, along with a quote form you can submit to us for an estimate.   Send in your request today!

Bright & Shiny Copper Wire
#1 Copper Tubing/ Wire

#2 Copper Tubing


#1 Insulated Wire


Romex Wire


Communication Wire


Yellow Brass


Plumbing Brass


Aluminum & Copper Radiators

$1.20- $1.55/lb


$.30- $.75/lb

Stainless Steel

$.25- $.35/lb

Electric Motors

$.15- $.25/lb