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At 11092 Tuxford Street, Suite 1, Sun Valley, CA, TM Scrap Metals is the best scrap metal recycling company to take your scrap for cash. Whether you bring non-ferrous metals to us or need us to pick them up, we’re here for you. We make it a snap to recycle and get paid for it!

TM Scrap Metals has worked with hundreds of people in the Sun Valley area who want to make money by getting rid of excess metals they have on hand. Let TM Scrap metals be your local recycling center of choice!

Call us today at 818-771-0510 for a free quote!


Located at 11092 Tuxford Street, Ste. #1, Sun Valley, CA 91352 TM Scrap Metals is dedicated to offering the best aluminum, copper, stainless steel (among others) recycling in Sun Valley. We want to be your first choice and only choice when selecting a recycling center.

We’re open every day to serve you. Bring your metals to 11092 Tuxford Street or call us to schedule a mobile metal recycling pickup at 818-771-0510.

We are here every day to give you the best recycling options in the area. Visit us at 11092 Tuxford Street or give us a call at (818) 771-0510 for a FREE price quote.

Some of Our Top Service are Listed Below:

Recycling center Sun Valley, CA
Metal recycling Sun Valley, CA
Scrap metal Sun Valley, CA
Junkyard Sun Valley, CA

Services We Provide:

Wire recycling Sun Valley, CA

Aluminum recycling Sun Valley, CA

Copper recycling Sun Valley, CA

Brass recycling Sun Valley, CA

Stainless steel recycling Sun Valley, CA

Our Scrap Metal Recycling Sun Valley, CA Service

Aluminum rims recycling

Copper wire recycling

Aluminum can recycling

Electronic equipment recycling

Brass plumbing recycling

Aluminum and copper radiator recycling


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TM Scrap Metals
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Latest Reviews

emin Hambarchian
emin Hambarchian
Walter Braun
Walter Braun
Good place, they help me to separate wires in different categories. Good price too!!
David D Stickley
David D Stickley
Gio R
Gio R
Stephanie Mattson
Stephanie Mattson
Alex Khersonskiy
Alex Khersonskiy
Amazing place . You can make money from metal. Great prices
Hugo Menendez
Hugo Menendez
Se encuentra repuestos usados, baratos y de buena calidad
Victor Adrian Cruz
Victor Adrian Cruz
No tienen buenos precios, no pagan lo que realmente vale el reciclaje
Raymond Reinemann
Raymond Reinemann
Great place to go drop off Scrap Metal.
Alerik Contreras
Alerik Contreras

Specialized Categories

Recycling Center

Metal Recycling


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Saturday 8:00 AM–3:00 PM

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