Sustainable practices are urgent in the current era. Despite progress in several sectors, recycling isn’t keeping up at the same speed.

In this article, we’ll talk about the innovation when companies promote economic and ecological development by using recyclable materials to manufacture their products.

Plastic, steel, copper, brass, aluminum… from clothes to tech products, let’s see what can be made from recycled scrap.

PET Plastic Bottles

What can be made from scrap?

Clothes: Apparel made from plastic waste is getting popular nowadays. Plastic bottles are the main raw material for many manufacturers. T-shirts, activewear, waterproof jackets, swimwear and more.

Bags: Made from recycled PET bottles and plastic waste collected from the ocean, it’s amazing how these products can be beautiful and durable.

eco bag

Footwear: Recycled plastic bottles are the main source of production, which are converted into yarn. And then, knitted to form the whished shape.

Toys: Recycled plastic milk jugs (High-density polyethylene) can turn into good-quality toys. Best of all, BPA free, non-toxic, and FDA-approved.

Smartphones: Imagine a smartphone designed for sustainability. Fairphone 5 is an example of that concept. Its back cover is 100% recycled plastic, and the body is made of aluminum with certification for sustainability. Besides using recycled steel, tin, and nickel alloys.

Cases, chargers, and cables: We can find these products made of recycled PET plastic from plastic bottles, recycled polycarbonate, recycled glass, aluminum and more.

Talking about scrap metals, the range of recycled products from these materials is even better. Recycled steel and aluminum scrap, for example, are widely used in appliances, household products, packing materials, automobile components etc.

Noblest metals such as copper, brass, and bronze are widely recycled for their use in industrial equipment, machinery, electronic devices etc.

TM Scrap Metals Inc. works for environment

As we can see, recycling is a world of possibilities. Scrap recycling is not just a trend, it’s an urgent need. An action where each person has a role to play. The advantages of recycling span across economic, social, and environmental benefits.

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