Construction is one of the sectors that generate the most scrap and is also the main responsible for the extraction of natural resources.

According to several studies of entities that monitor natural resource extraction management worldwide, we are consuming more resources than the planet can offer. Mining activity has grown in recent years. This reveals how the linear economy works, based on the concept of “producing, using and throwing it away.”

The importance of scrap metals for a circular economy

On the other hand, the circular economy has sustainability as a basis. It is a system with self -conservation capacity, reducing the use of natural resources, programming their recycling and reuse.

The demand for sustainable construction solutions has grown lately, promoted by the need to reduce environmental impacts. In this context, metal recycling offers both economic and environmental benefits.

The recycled metal scrap is widely used in construction. Recycled steel, for example, is often used in buildings of buildings, bridges etc. Aluminum is commonly requested on facades of buildings, windows and coatings. Recycled Copper is a metal valued in electrical systems and piping for its conduction and durability properties. All of these metals can be recycled unfinished without losing their original properties.

Even plastic is getting popular in the construction industry. It can be used to manufacture floor coverings, thermal insulation etc. When using recycled plastic, the amount of this material discarded in landfills and oceans is reduced, decreasing the demand for oil, raw material for plastic production.

Some iconic monuments use recycled materials in their composition:

Can Cube (Shangai, China): The facade is created from an aluminum cans system. Thus, it not only reuses a material but saves the energy wasted during recycling processes, by taking advantage of the cans in their current form, without the need for other processes.

European Council (Brussels/Belgium): The new dual façade of the building consists of several reused old frames from various countries, providing thermal insulation and an efficient acoustic barrier.

Be a Part of the Circular Economy

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