Metal Recycling

Metal recycling in Los Angeles
Metal recycling in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles’ Metal Recycling Professionals

Metal recycling is extremely popular as a way to earn extra cash or even make a living. Copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel are valuable metals that local scrappers bring to us. From aluminum cans to old copper wiring we are the place Southern Californians come to in order to turn scrap metals into money.

Our recycling center in Sun Valley, CA on the border of Burbank is freeway close to neighboring cities so it’s only a short drive from Glendale or even Pasadena when you want to get the best prices for your discarded metals.

When it comes to wire recycling or big, heavy items like automobile radiators, batteries or aluminum rims, TM Scrap Metals is just off Interstate 5 and easy to reach from most Southern California cities in the San Fernando or San Gabriel Valleys. On top of that, you don’t even need to drive to take advantage of our scrap metal pricing. We offer mobile recycling and can pick up your metals at your location!

In business for over a decade, TM Scrap Metals is the most trusted name in recycling from Burbank to North Hollywood and in between!

Recycling Metals for Sustainability

Every day millions of tons of unused (leftover) or excess metals pile up all over the world. In the United States and in Southern California specifically, those metals may come in the form of used soft drink cans (aluminum), old copper wiring, used or broken plumbing fixtures (brass), old flatware or appliances (stainless steel).

In each case the metal mentioned is non-ferrous, meaning they do not contain iron. Why do we take non-ferrous? Because these types of metals are corrosion resistant and unlike iron are not subject to rust. The fact that they can be melted down and reused make them valuable to industries that need metal from the secondary metals market, which is just a fancy way of saying recycled scrap metals.

If you have a significant amount of metal to sell of varying types, a metal recycling center such as ours can let you know exactly which metals you have and how much each is worth in quantity. For example, when performing a hardness test, lead will be much softer than brass. Copper is also a more malleable metal than, say, steel.

For the most trusted scrap yard in the Los Angeles area (from Pasadena to Burbank to Hollywood and beyond) remember TM Scrap Metals.