Scrap Metal Buyers Held to Stringent Standards

Metal recycling in Los Angeles is a well regulated industry. As you can imagine the process of recycling scrap metals may, it often does include some hazardous materials. It’s important, therefore, not only to us as the scrap metal dealer to the state of California that we have bye-bye certain state as well as federal regulations. We won’t really touched on the federal regulatory agencies that oversee this kind of work but of course the Environmental Protection Agency is one.

In California there are specific laws, regulations and policies in place to protect the environment while we go about our business recycling the Scrap metal scrap to our facility. For a complete list of all those involved in oversight is it the California Department of toxic substances control website which we will link to here.  As we mention the D TSC is one of those oversight departments but the California Department of resources recycling and recovery, also known as Cal recycle, is in charge with regulating the recycling of electronic waste. In order to keep our California waterways clean the California State water resources control Board or SW RCB manages the oversight of steaks drinking water.

Screenshot of CA state metal recycling regulations
Screenshot of CA state metal recycling regulations

While our metal recycling Business here in Sun Valley California is not near any significant body of water runoff from industrial facilities like ours can be a problem if it runs into storm drains. That water flows into the ocean and so it is a concern even when talking about scrap metal yard that are far inland. This concern is the bailiwick of the California department of industrial relations for DIR for short.

Organizations that take junk cars they can be dismantled an recycled as scrap fall under the auspices  of CalOSHA. The California department of motor vehicles also needs to provide licenses to those businesses that dismantle and recycle car parts.

As you can see, our business it Is heavily regulated to make sure that you consumer are protected. Even though what we do he’s in large part beneficial to the environment, the process of recycling metals can and does generate a certain amount of waste and steps need to be taken to make sure whatever waste is generated is contained and disposed of according to the law.

Any hazardous materials that are part and parcel of the scrap metal brought our facility are also closely monitored to make sure that they do not contaminate the area or — in the case of storm drains—do not end up fouling California’s coast line.

This is just food for thought and something to keep in mind the next time you bring a load of scrap metal to us for cash. The whole process can be beneficial to both scrap metal recycling facilities as well as their customers and the environment as a whole. We get the scrap metal we need to sell to third parties,  you customer walks away with cash and the state of California thanks to oversight and regulation remains clean and unspoiled. For more information the legal aspects of metal recycling check out the DTSC website or any other state of California online resources dealing with recycling or hazardous waste.