Boning Up On Airplane Boneyards

Metal recycling in Los Angeles has leg on the recycling facilities in other parts of the country– With the exception of Arizona or New Mexico. Why? That’s because California is home  to some of the nations Aviation graveyards, also known as boneyards. Hugs are you seeing pictures please stretches of barren desert we’re Aircraft go to die. When was even used in a tom petty Music video years ago and they been used in the number of films and television shows.

Recycling aircraft scrap metal in Los Angeles
Recycling aircraft scrap metal in Los Angeles

Quite simply, when the aircraft reached the end of their lifespans they are literally put out the pasture. In this case the pasture is some desert area in California,  Arizona, for New Mexico. These aircraft remain as silent sentries in the desert for decades, waiting for somebody to visit or in the case of scrap metal recycling, to come and salvage parts from these obsolete aircraft.

Some, old commercial jetliners, I really time capsules because they park Doors closed for decades once someone is able to go inside they signed a perfectly preserved interior from perhaps the 1980s,  1970s or 60s. But When talking about metal recycling, we’re not interested in history, merely the recycled metals the weekend extract from the fuselage of the old planes. It takes special permission to get access to these aircraft boneyards in the case of some larger companies they can do take apart Aircraft in order to reuse parts on your model planes or to send recyclable metals to a facility like ours in Los Angeles.

However, these Aircraft graveyards are not the only source of old airplanes which can provide a enterprising scrapper with Literally tons of Metal.  Old, obsolete or dilapidated aircraft can be found even in local junkyards. So, if you’re looking for a good source of metals there can be recycled for cash, you could contact local airports (here in the Los Angeles area that might include Van Nuys, Santa Monica Santa Monica Or other regional airports) and locate specific places where Aircraft owners may dump their planes.

Aside from the sheer amount of Metals find on Aircraft, they are also a good source of precious metals. Aircraft make use of the tremendous amount of electronics and avionics require metals such as copper, silver and even gold.  That means if you have access to  an aircraft in decent shape the amount of cash for scrap metal to be significant.

Light junk automobiles, junk aircraft a rich source of recyclable metals. Of course in the case larger aircraft it really will take an industrial effort to demolish the aircraft and separate recyclable items from others trash. But as we said, if you’re looking in locally you might just find a hidden gem of an old airplane that’s waiting for you to disassemble it and bring it to TM scrap metals. For more information on disassembly preparing metals for delivery to the Facility such as ours give us a call.

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