Noise, Pollution Create Bad Environments

Metal recycling Los Angeles can be a dirty job. After all, this is an industrial pursuit. Scrap metal recycling does not lend itself to white gloves. You can tell from our location sun Valley, California that our business and those around it are indeed more industrial. Businesses like ours need to be quite a bit removed from residential areas. There are a number of reasons for that. One is the amount of noise that metal recycling can generate. The other should not be a concern, but unfortunately in some cases it is. Unscrupulous scrap metal dealers may turn a blind eye to toxic waste and run off from their facility. This is true specially residential neighborhoods for those places that are close to schools.

Case in point: actually in the Los Angeles area (the Community of Watts)  the metal recycling facility was finally forced to shut down and closed their doors after years of residents’ complaints. The facility was accused of allowing toxic runoff from their recycling efforts to bleed into the soil and affect those living in the area. There’s a Los Angeles Times article about this for you can read more information.

Metal recycling toxic waste
Metal recycling should not generate this!

Toxic waste is not the only byproduct people living near a recycling center. As we mentioned above, noise pollution can affect the residents of a community just as much as ingesting some poison that has seat into The ground. Places like airports I Understand how hi Joyce levels can affect the area around them in many take steps to limit the that planes can fly into and out of the Specific airport. In some cases the airports took it upon themselves to address this issue, in other cases they may have been forced to by certain local community or by law.

Same concern The airport show to the people living around them is something that a scrap metal recycling facility also needs to be aware of. Taking steps to reduce the amount of noise that comes out of the facility it’s a good step an means that the scrap metal recycling company respects its neighbors.

Even though our efforts our Metal recycling Center are dirty and sometimes noisy, we like to think the TM scrap metals is committed to preserving the environment— through our recycling efforts themselves–and being good neighbors to those who surround us. We’re glad that we are located in Just such an industrial area which eliminates some of these problems. Also the fact that we limit our hours so that we are not recycling metals after 6 PM, about the time that most people return home from work.

Yes, we want your Metal recycling business we want to be the ones did you bring your scrap metal too. But we also want to be good citizens, good stewards of the environment in Good neighbors to the people who live around us. And, if you’ve never heard us doing our job during the day, that’s by design. We hope you never do!