Ferrous Metal Recycling

Cast iron scrap prices are always of interest to L.A. scrappers. Bring your ferrous scrap metal like cast iron to TM Scrap Metals in Los Angeles. We are ready to help you as you unload your scrap at our facility when you get here. Ferrous metals like cast iron are going to be magnetic, so take the time to inspect your scrap before bringing it into TM Scrap Metals. This way you’ll be able to  separate it from nonferrous—nonmagnetic—scrap metal. Cast iron is utilized in many automotive industry and other structural parts as well as things like radiators (which are seen more often on the East coast), and will often appear rusty when it’s older. Compare to stainless steel or brass which are corrosion resistant and therefore don’t rust.

Pricing scrap cast iron in Los Angeles
Scrap cast iron prices in Los Angeles

Where to Bring Scrap Cast Iron in Los Angeles

TM Scrap Metals, your L.A. recycling center, can provide you with pick up services (our mobile recycling service) for your ferrous metals including cast iron wherever you are in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area. If you need more information about our scrap metal pickup of your cast iron as well as other types of scrap metals give us a call. Have a larger job? Looking to scrap for cash? Call us! We’ll help you determine what you have and what you need.

Price Info For Scrap Cast Iron

With remodeling and construction jobs removing things like cast iron bathtubs, boilers, pipes or radiators we get a lot of inquiries from potential customers asking about current cast iron scrap prices, and now we are making it that much easier to find out. On our scrap metal pricing page we have our current prices on cast iron and other steel scrap. When you have a lot of cast iron you want to scrap you tend to keep an eye on the prices from day to day. Believe us, we do too!

Got cast iron to sell for scrap? Call TM Scrap Metals, you Los Angeles recycling center at 818-771-0510.