Los Angeles Comes to TM Scrap Metals

The metal recycling industry is big business.  It’s not something you may I often think of because most metal recycling facilities located in the industrial parts of cities away from the businesses that most people frequent on a day-to-day basis. In our neck of the woods, which is Sun Valley California, we are located interest or industrial Area on Tuxford Street. And just because scrap metal recycling is a rather dirty and grungy pursuit doesn’t mean it’s not a vital part of any country’s economy.

Metal recycling equipment in Los Angeles
Metal recycling equipment in Los Angeles

Just taking a look at aluminum cans for example, Think about all the soft drink or beer trucks you see delivering hundreds or thousands of aluminum cans to grocery stores, many markets or restaurants.  This happens day in and day out. All those hundreds of thousands of cans will Be consumed and tossed out.  Well, maybe not tossed out the toast into the recycling bin. Then the process starts all over again. Do the metals come from for the next hundred thousand aluminum cans? You guessed it, from metal recycling centers such as ours.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that our country moves on metal.  Think railroad tracks, Automobiles, Aircraft and much more. Having to mine for metals it’s costly and time consuming so of course operations are going to need scrap metal to continue to do business. With these descriptions we’re merely touching the surface of the metal recycling industry. You can think of  Industry in general, gracious monster that needs to be constantly fed.  Not with food but with metal.  Companies like ours supply this constant need without which our country and indeed to rest of the world would grind to a halt.

Companies like Ibisworld which track the revenue of various businesses and industries also keep track of secondary metals market can see from the article on this webpage of their website the power industry generates $50 billion per year.

Metal Recycling and Business

That’s a tremendous amount of money and it’s one of the reasons that we, as well as’s most others get into the cycling business, do what we do. Aside from altruism we’re in this business to make a profit because of our constant need greater and greater amounts of nonferrous medals every day we depend on our customers to deliver those metals to us. They are the first step in the recycling process and they as well as us can make a sizable profit by bringing scrap metals to a facility like ours.

If you want to be part of this $50 billion industry and you are living in the Los Angeles area and Enjoying the TM scrap metals team and bring your scrap metals to us. We truly are the best scrap metal recycling facility in the San Fernando Valley we want to be the name remember when you think about Metal recycling.