The metal scrap market, by its nature, remains highly unpredictable. Formulating an exact prediction for the developments expected in the year 2024 proves challenging. To gain insights, we scrutinize past economic factors and their influence on the market, recognizing the multitude of events that could shape the trajectory of the metal scrap market.

The Past and Its Impact

The commencement of the Russian-Ukraine war in 2022 halted the metal scrap market, causing a sharp decline in metal prices. Initial predictions for 2023 foresaw copper prices falling below $3 per pound; however, contrary to expectations, copper prices held firm above $3 throughout the entire year, sparking hope for the year 2024.

In 2023, there were notable instances of labor strikes, specifically within the railroad and automotive sectors. While these strikes did impact the market, swift resolutions mitigated their effects, preventing a substantial impact on metal markets. Nevertheless, these unforeseen labor-related factors, though swiftly addressed, introduced a transient disturbance in the metal scrap markets.

2023 railroad strikes had a slight impact on metal scrap market.

2024 Expectations

As we approach 2024, our hopes are set on a potential rise in prices or, at the very least, a continuation of stability. The impending presidential election looms as a significant variable that could introduce an additional layer of unpredictability to the metal market.

Factors at Play

One reason for optimism lies in the moderation of interest rates. The upswing in interest rates observed in 2023 had a palpable effect on commercial building, rendering it costly to borrow funds for large projects. While monumental commercial projects took a backseat, residential building activities acted as a stabilizing force. Towards the end of 2023, interest rates began to decrease, yet the anticipated surge in commercial building remains pending.

Conversely, the rise in consumer debt is noteworthy, potentially influencing the metal scrap market. Anticipating a slight dip in consumer demands. We may witness reduced purchases of cars, phones, and residential remodeling due to an increase of debt. It is anticipated that individuals will opt to stick with their current technology instead of upgrading, potentially reshaping metal prices given the intrinsic value of metals in consumer products.

Another factor likely to impact metal scrap prices positively is the emergence of the electrical boom. As we transition towards a more sustainable and green future, the demand for electrical vehicles, solar, and wind power is expected to increase, consequently driving the demand for metal scrap. Observing this evolving trend is crucial, as we anticipate a shift and an upswing in green scrap demand.

greener energy solutions are on the rise.

Scrapping your metal

While an accurate prediction of 2024 metal scrap prices remains elusive, we assure you that Tm Scrap Metals is committed to offering top prices for your metal scrap. Please feel free to contact us any day for updated prices, as we remain dedicated to meeting your scrap needs.