Mobile Recycling Means We Can Be Everywhere in Los Angeles

Scrap metal dealers are in high demand these days and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down. Indeed, now with the state of California opening up fully on June 15, we should be seeing an increase in manufacturing with metals. Increased activity by a population that has been sequestered for too long means that more people will be out doing things and buying things. Increased patronage of restaurants means more sodas and food packaging, both of which make heavy use of metals (think aluminum cans or those metal to-go boxes. The more people out buying and dining, the higher the demand for metal.

Scrapping basics: bring it to your scrap metal dealer

When home sales rise, the demand for metals goes up too. Many homes are built using metal frames (and with lumber prices skyrocketing, many may opt to make more use of metal) and copper pipes may be used when laying in plumbing for new homes.

All that metal must come from somewhere and unless you’re digging it out of the ground, every business, manufacturing plant or foundry is going to deal with a scrap metal dealer to get the metals they need to make their products. When speaking about Los Angeles scrap metal dealers, TM Scrap Metals is at the top of the list. We’re the dealer those companies will, er… deal with when they need more supply.

The reverse of that equation means WE have to keep acquiring scrap metal to be able to sell it to our customers. Where do we get that scrap? From you of course. Now, you may be physically near our Sun Valley, CA location (central to North Hollywood, Pacoima, Burbank or Glendale) but as we usually say in these posts it doesn’t matter where in greater Los Angeles you are because our mobile recycling service means we can come to your location to pick up your scrap metal. Because of this we can claim quite accurately that we are the scrap metal dealer near you. Wherever you are from Pasadena to Simi Valley, Chatsworth to Calabasas, we can be there too.  Call us and let us pick up your scrap metal. 818-771-0510.

Scrap metal dealer mobile service flatbed
Scrap metal dealer mobile service flatbed