Los Angeles Scrap Metal Dealer Explains

Scrap metal is something that would seem self explanatory and not needing additional or more detailed definitions, but it does. At least the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) thinks it does. This may be for good reason because even though a scrap yard such as ours does try to recycle every ounce of metal we receive, there are some items that can’t be recycled.

You have probably never heard of some of the metals the EPA has defined as scrap (or conversely, has said is NOT scrap) such as tantalum anodes, but we have. For those who just can’t get enough of scrap metal trivia, you can check out the CALTHA company website which has an article detailing the EPA’s 2017 definition of scrap metal. In part it states:

On February 24, 2017, EPA issued a response to an inquiry about what does and does not meet EPA’s definitions of “scrap metal” and “processed scrap metal,” as they relate to scrap tantalum anodes, wire, pellets, pins, and powders. RCRA defines scrap metal as “bits and pieces of metal parts (e.g., bars, turnings, rods, sheets, wire) or metal pieces that may be combined together with bolts or soldering (e.g., radiators, scrap automobiles, railroad box cars), which when worn or superfluous can be recycled.”

EPA, February 24, 2017

Scrap Metal Distinctions

The EPA classifies different types of scrap metal depending on their origin or manufacturing process. These include terms such as:

Los Angeles recycling center aluminum image
Los Angeles recycling center aluminum image

Processed scrap metal.” In general this refers to someone (maybe even you) separating a bunch of scrap metal into distinct groups to make more cash for scrap. For example, say you have a pile of various metals including copper, aluminum and stainless steel. If you separated out the individual metals you would be able to make more money from recycling those scrap metals than you would bringing the original pile to the scrap yard—again because there would be more labor involved in separating the metals.

Home scrap metal” refers to that generated by steel mills, refineries and foundries. This type includes turnings, cuttings, borings and punchings.

Similarly “prompt scrap metal” refers to that generated by metalworking industries. It likewise includes turnings, cuttings, borings and punchings.

What an L.A. Recycling Center Can Take (or Not)

While our Los Angeles scrap metal recycling center can take just about any metal, some metals are not classified as scrap such as non-agglomerated tantalum powder (a metal used in many alloys).  Agglomerated simply means “put together” such that the powder resembles other types of metal, e.g., turned into a solid by use of some sort of binder.

We have a feeling that none of this minutiae is going to matter to you. In 9,999 cases out of 10,000 all you want to do is get paid for recycling your scrap.  Truth be told, we understand. Bring your scrap metal to our location (or call us for a scrap metal pick up) and we’ll pay you cash for your scrap. Leave the esoteric definitions to us and the EPA! Call us today! 818-771-0510.