House Bill HR 2698 Seeks to Remove Tariffs on Aluminum Imports

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May Affect Aluminum Can, Boat Producers Legislation introduced in the House of Representatives in April (HR 2698) as well as a similar bill in the Senate (the Aluminum Pricing Examination Act or APEX) sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton and Tammy Baldwin would be tied to efforts to repeal tariffs on imported aluminum that have been […]

International Aluminum Scrap Market in Flux

Scrap for Asian secondary metals market

China, Indonesia, Malaysia Key Players in Trade Some recent decisions by Asian governments regarding the import of scrap aluminum may signal positive signs for the U.S. scrap metal recycling industry. The Asian market is not without some hurdles, however. While prior to 2013, China was perhaps the world’s largest importer of scrap aluminum. That government’s […]

Los Angeles Recycling Center Saving Energy

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Scrap Metal Recycling Facts A Los Angeles recycling center like TM Scrap Metals sees a lot of different metals come through our doors. It should come as no surprise that one of the top metals we recycle is aluminum from aluminum cans. Aside from being lightweight and relatively easy to collect in exchange for cash, […]