Copper Wire Stripping for Fun And Profit

Tools for stripping copper wire for recycling

Elbow Grease Results in Higher Payout for Recyclable Metals If you’re in the market to recycle metals here in Los Angeles –or pretty much anywhere else—the metal springs in biggest cash pay out  is copper. As we’ve written at nausea before, copper comes in so many forms it’s not funny. Bringing a truck load of […]

Recycling Electric Motors

Industrial electric motor for metal recycling in Los Angeles

Where to Find These Treasure Troves of Scrap Metal Metal recycling is often times a dirty business. Why? Well, the items we receive are not always in pristine condition, nor are they separated by types of metal. Sometimes the things that come into our recycling facility have to be further processed to Separate for extract […]

Which Scrap Metal Is Best?

copper staute for metal recycling

Recycling Tips For Los Angeles In metal recycling, we like to say “copper is king!” That doesn’t mean other scrap metals don’t pay well, it’s just that copper has a high price so compared to other scrap metals, you get more “bang for your buck.” That said, it also depends on the amount of metals […]