Recycling Radiators in SoCal

Los Angeles car grill with aluminum radiator to be recycled

Los Angeles Scrap Yard Takes Old Parts Recycling automobile parts is a popular pastime for many scrappers in Los Angeles. Sure, most times when our cars ultimately bite the dust we have them towed away to end up if they’re lucky at some pick-your-part junkyard where the various pieces may see new life in someone […]

Copper Recycling Prices

Copper mine aerial view

Copper Price Per Pound Going Strong Post-Pandemic Copper recycling prices have been on the rebound since a  copper price per pound low of $2.17 which occurred in March of 2020. Now that economies around the world are opening up after dealing with more than a year of coronavirus-induced shutdowns, there is increased demand for this […]

Recycling Non-Ferrous Metals in Los Angeles

Cash for Scrap for In-Demand Metals Recycling metals in Los Angeles is big business. You might not think it to look at a scrap metal recycling center (like TM Scrap Metals, Inc.) since most of the scrap yards are located in L.A.’s more industrial areas. However, the scrap metal recycling industry is expected to generate […]