Metal Recycling: Not Just Good. Good Business

Stainless steel pots as scrap metal

Los Angeles’ Piece of the Eco-Economy Our little smidgeon of the scrap metal industry is just a sliver of the total global effort to reduce waste. Much of that waste (including metals) is ascribed to by many as a contributor to global warming (or “climate change” as the name has evolved over time). When the […]

Recycling on The East Coast

New York City skyline home of metal recycling

Looking at New York City vs. Los Angeles Los Angeles is often at the forefront of recycling efforts. Witness our scrap metal recycling operation New York City, in just its five boroughs, has a population of over 8 million and in an area smaller than most states; you can simply picture just how much waste […]

Scrapping Your Old PC

Computer keyboard recycled for scrap metal

Metal Recycling in Los Angeles Computers contain metal recycling parts that can be worth money. Is it lucrative to dismantle that old Mac or PC into its constituent metal parts? Perhaps. Does it make sense to recycle it no matter what? You bet! Today the ecological effect of old computer systems, computer associated parts and […]

Spot Metals With Compass

Man with scrap metal detector on Los Angeles beach

More Way to Find Metals to Recycle Metal recycling doesn’t just depend on having a pile of nonferrous metals lying around. If you’re enterprising you can even find more sources underground. It can be educational as well as lucrative. With that said, it helps one discover one’s bearing in relation to the four primary instructions […]

Novel Metal Recycling Efforts

Metal recycling with shipping containers

Shipping Container Homes We’ve written about the backlog of shipping in Los Angeles ports and the supply chain problems it’s causing, including the effect on metal recycling. But when thinking about shipping and the ubiquitous shipping containers that house just about everything that moves by sea, another aspect of recycling comes to mind. Not everything […]

Post-Repair Scrap Copper Pipes are Worth Money

Copper metal recycling image

Plumbing Suggestions and Metal Recycling Metal recycling, especially of plumbing articles, is something we do routinely, but following up on our previous post, here are some tips for keeping your pipes usable. When they’re past their prime, you can recycle them with us for cash (see below), but until you need us, follow these suggestions. […]

Clear The Copper Pipeline

Recycling old copper plumbing pipes in Los Angeles

Let The Water Run With These Plumbing Tips Pipes can cost a great deal of cash—we should know, we pay good money for discarded or scrap copper piping, so being prepared and knowing how to take care of your pipes can be really advantageous to you and your wallet. If you’re not recycling your pipes […]

South African Scrap Metal Market Manipulation

Johannesburg South Africa scrap metal recycling

Government Interference Hurts Low Wage Earners South Africa—A recent scrap metal recycling decision by the government of South Africa is having the effect of depressing scrap metal prices and causing a shortage of scrap metals in that country. The actions of the government point out how micromanaging an industry may sound good but in practice […]

COVID Effects on Los Angeles Recycling Centers

Los Angeles recycling center aluminum rims

Scrap Metal Recycling Unaffected at TM Scrap Metals Los Angeles recycling centers apparently suffered greatly during the height of the coronavirus outbreak. Back in December the Los Angeles times published an article detailing the trials and tribulations of the recycling industry in the Southland. While the result of the Coronavirus was that many scrap metal […]

Best Scrap Metal Prices

Burbank scrap metal recycling

Burbank Scrap Metal Yard Pays Cash for Scrap Scrap metal prices are always on the mind of our local scrappers. We get scrap from all over the San Fernando Valley and with our mobile recycling option we can come to any location around Los Angeles. But Burbank scrap metal recyclers know about us since we’re […]