Chemical Aspects Of Silver

Silver coin precious metal recycling

Why Recycling of This Precious Metal Is So Important Metal recycling Los Angeles includes the so-called precious metals, one of which is Silver. Silver, a metal and chemical component, can be found in the periodic table of elements. It uses the symbol “Ag” and has an atomic number 47. Silver is a malleable, lustrous metal. […]

Do Metal Recycling Facilities Take Inkjet Cartridges?

Inside of printer including metal parts

Short Answer: No, But Read On Inkjet cartridges do contain some scrap metal parts but nowhere near enough to make them viable candidates for recycling. Still, millions of us use inkjet printers which means there are going to be millions upon millions of used-up ink cartridges waiting to be disposed of or recycled. We suggest […]

Getting Crafty With Workplace Stationery Paper

recycling paper from scrap

Recycling Isn’t Always About Metal We recycle scrap metal. That’s our business and that’s what we’re known for. However, one of the main benefits of our business is keeping things out of the finite space of our landfills. Reusing metals is one sure-fire way to do this, but there are other materials that can be […]

Uses And Reuses for Metals

Jewelry made from scrap metals

Recycling And Repurposing Your Scrap Most of our customers use our services to make extra money and provide us with as great a quantity of metals as possible to maximize their ROI. However, bringing your excess metals to a recycling center such as ours is not the only way to eliminate waste. For those who […]

Recycling Radiators in SoCal

Los Angeles car grill with aluminum radiator to be recycled

Los Angeles Scrap Yard Takes Old Parts Recycling automobile parts is a popular pastime for many scrappers in Los Angeles. Sure, most times when our cars ultimately bite the dust we have them towed away to end up if they’re lucky at some pick-your-part junkyard where the various pieces may see new life in someone […]

Where To Recycle in Burbank, CA

non-ferrous metal at Burbank recycling center

Metal Recycling Center Nearby in Sun Valley Your Burbank recycling center is TM Scrap Metals in neighboring Sun Valley. In fact you can’t get any closer to Burbank and still be another city. That’s what makes us so convenient. For Burbank residents or businesses that want to recycle non-ferrous metals for cash, we’re the location […]

The Recycling Process for Metals

Scrap ferrous metal Los Angeles

Something Old Becomes New Again Recycling centers such as TM Scrap Metals have a system in place to quickly and efficiently recycle the various metals our customers bring to us. Others have codified this process such as this small business website that does a good job of explaining the steps, but in brief, metal recycling […]

Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me

Metal recycling Los Angeles to reduce carbon

Helps to Offset Carbon Emissions Scrap metal recycling near you is a good idea for a variety of reasons. We already have several posts about the benefits of recycling scrap metal and specifically for those individuals and businesses in Los Angeles. There is another item that we have not yet mentioned and that is that […]

Scrap Metal Recycling Make You Happy

Metal mining shaft TM Scrap Metals Los Angeles

Feeling Good About Doing Good A scrap metal recycling business isn’t something you often associate with happiness (although it should be!) but what we do here in our corner of Los Angeles should be cause for some celebration. What we mean by this is that you can feel good about recycling your scrap metal with […]

Los Angeles Recycling Center Saving Energy

Los Angeles recycling center aluminum

Scrap Metal Recycling Facts A Los Angeles recycling center like TM Scrap Metals sees a lot of different metals come through our doors. It should come as no surprise that one of the top metals we recycle is aluminum from aluminum cans. Aside from being lightweight and relatively easy to collect in exchange for cash, […]