What Metals Are in Highest Demand

Making money from recycling metals can be a lucrative business. It’s certainly not the career most people would choose, but some Los Angeles area scrappers who know what to look for make decent money by bringing scrap metals to us for recycling. The ones who are hardcore scrappers are constantly on the lookout for supplies of different types of metals. Because it’s always at the top of their minds, scrappers we deal with are experts finding those throw away items that can actually lead to a big pay out.

nonferrous metal cogs to be recycled
nonferrous metal cogs to be recycled

For better or for worse most people just toss out things that They think they don’t need anymore. As the old saying goes, out of sight out of mind. However, there’s also another say the one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. In the realm Metal recycling that’s especially true. Opportunities to find supplies of discarded metal items abound all the time. One of the byproducts of being located in the Los Angeles area is that we have so many freeways and unfortunately traffic accidents. Take a look on any Irvine roadside and you’re bound to find some metal item that’s falling off a car after an accident. Heck, mental items might just fall off a dump truck if they’re not secured properly. So, whether it’s a metal bumper for an old banged up aluminum pot they’ve finally decided the road, if it’s nonferrous metal pick it up and bring it to TM scrap metals.

That brings up the subject of ferrous versus non-ferrous metals.  In the most simplest terms Ferris metals are those that contain iron. And, as we all know Iron tends to rust. Metal alloys like brass for aluminum that don’t rust have many more applications and are thus in higher demand. Think about the plumbing at your house. Nobody is using iron pipes for their plumbing these days. And that’s obviously because nobody wants to be drinking or bathing in rusty water. Today’s plumbing is either plastic brass or copper.

Many of the posts the we’ve written on this website going into detail about ferrous vs non-ferrous  metals so we won’t belabor the point. However, we will stress again that enterprising scrappers become experts finding supplies of these nonferrous metals. Highways, roadside’s, junkyards or illegal dumping grounds are prime areas in which to find free sources of metals that can be recycled. It’s too bad that those people who one reason or another discarded in these metal items did not realize that There’s money to be made. We, as a metal recycling facility,  are in the business of selling these metals two companies and/or countries that need them. Indeed, the need for metals in manufacturing is constant so we are always on the lookout for our own supply metals and we depend on customers in the Los Angeles area to continue supplying us with the nonferrous metals that we need.  If you have the time to invest, there is a pretty penny to be made in the area of metal recycling. Whether you’re supply of metals that you bring to us is large or small you’re still going to get the best price and Los Angeles area so, we encourage everybody to recycle and for those few make a career out of it the only thing you need to know in Los Angeles metal recycling is TM scrap metals.