TM Scrap Metals in Sun Valley is Your Destination

Sell aluminum cans for cash? If you’re in the Sun Valley area of Los Angeles (located in the eastern portion of the San Fernando Valley) the location you seek is TM Scrap Metals on Tuxford St. If you’re looking for convenience to Burbank, North Hollywood, Pacoima, Van Nuys, Panorama City or even Sylmar, it couldn’t be easier. Our location is right off Interstate 5.

Aluminum is one of the most favored metals to recycle for cash and for good reason. Its use in the beverage industry is so widespread and commonplace that we often don’t give it a second thought. We see and use aluminum cans so often we forget about them. But their very abundance is what makes them a great metal to recycle.

Sell aluminum cans for cash in Los Angeles
Sell aluminum cans for cash in Los Angeles st TM Scrap Metals

The only downside, if there is one, is that aluminum is such a light metal it takes a fairly large amount to recycle for significant cash. That’s not the case with scrap brass or copper which are both heavier, denser metals and a smaller amount will return a higher payout when you bring them to the scrap metal recycling center.

Still, aluminum cans, as we said, are ubiquitous and it’s easier to find a bunch of discarded soft drink cans on the roadside, in a park or on a beach and pick them up with the intent to recycle. If you go through enough of them yourself on a daily or monthly basis, keeping your old cans until you have enough can be a great idea. Aluminum cans are so easy to crush flat that stacking or stockpiling a good amount is not going to take up much space. It makes sense, too, to collect enough to make the payout at the scrap metal dealer worthwhile.

Recycle aluminum cans in Los Angeles

Of course, when we talk about scrap for cash we know that there’s a monetary incentive to bring you aluminum cans in for recycling but there’s also an altruistic purpose and that’s to reduce the amount of trash in our communities. Recycling aluminum cans for money does just that. It’s something you can feel good about doing because you know those cans will find new life as…new cans (or anything else made from aluminum)! You also get to walk away with some cash in your pocket. Our cities are made cleaner and we reduce the amount of waste that goes into our landfills.

Mobile Scrap Metal Recycling Service

Aluminum cans aren’t the only things we recycle and you may have tons of scrap aluminum you need to get rid of. If it’s bulky and you can’t easily deliver it to our scrap yard, remember that we do have a mobile recycling service and can come to you for bulky item pickup. We’ll take the scrap metal off your hands and pay you for it. Another win-win situation. Actually it’s win-win-win, because you make cash for your scrap metal, we get the scrap we need and the environment benefits.

So if you’re looking to sell those aluminum cans for cash, choose TM Scrap Metals, the best scrap metal recycling center in Los Angeles! 818-771-0510.