Burbank Scrap Metal Yard Pays Cash for Scrap

Scrap metal prices are always on the mind of our local scrappers. We get scrap from all over the San Fernando Valley and with our mobile recycling option we can come to any location around Los Angeles. But Burbank scrap metal recyclers know about us since we’re so close. Glenoaks Blvd. runs through all of Burbank and Glendale but to the north of those cities, Glenoaks runs right through Sun Valley. In fact we’re Burbank’s immediate neighbor so a short drive up that thoroughfare will take you right to Tuxford St. and our location. 

Burbank scrap metal recycling
Burbank scrap metal recycling

Being so close to Burbank and the fact that Burbank is rather bereft of metal recycling facilities, most folks end up bringing their Burbank scrap metal to us. Indeed, do a Google search for “Burbank scrap metal recycling” and you won’t find a location in that city. No worries, it’s only a few minutes’ drive north to get to us.

Because we’re neighbors, Burbankians tend to look us up for scrap metal pricing and honestly ours are the best scrap metal prices in Los Angeles. Certainly in our portion of L.A. and you’d be hard pressed to find better metal prices anywhere in the Burbank area.

Directions From Burbank

If you’re coming to TM Scrap Metals from Glendale or Burbank and want to take surface streets, it’s simple. Take Glenoaks Blvd. north to Tuxford. Make a left turn and find us at 11092 Tuxford St, Sun Valley, CA 91352. Coming from the north and cities like Sylmar or Arleta? Take Glenoaks south and turn right on Tuxford.

If you’re coming from further away or from cities in the western San Fernando Valley take the 118 or 101 freeways east and then to the I-5 north or south (depending on where you are relative to Sun Valley) and take the Tuxford St. offramp.

Despite no metal recycling yards in Burbank, that city—with a steady influx of film and tv production and post production businesses—generates a lot of excess building material including a significant amount of scrap metal. That metal needs a home and there’s no sense in leaving scrap lying around when recycling it is a painless way to earn cash. That’s why Burbank scrappers come to us. If you’re a Burbank, CA home or business owner and find yourself with a lot of scrap metal (aluminum, steel, copper, brass or other metals) the call you need to make is to TM Scrap Metals. We’re Burbank close, but remember we can come to you so no matter where you are, TM Scrap Metals can be there too! Call us today! 818-771-0510.