TM Scrap Metals in Los Angeles

The nearest recycling center, as we’ve written before, is TM Scrap Metals. That’s due to the fact that we can come to you through our mobile recycling service. It really doesn’t matter where you are in greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, just call us and let us pick up your scrap metal.

Nearest recycling center non ferrous metals
Your “nearest recycling center” loves non ferrous metals

We write about the various metals we recycle here, but behind every blog post or article is the fact that metal recycling is big business and there’s opportunity for enterprising scrappers to make good money.  A quick look at the metal recycling business shows us some interesting statistics. For one, it’s the non-ferrous metals that pay the most. Metals like copper, aluminum, nickel, tin, lead and zinc (to name a few) are in high demand. These metals do not lose their chemical properties when recycled. That means these metals can be used and reused ad infinitum via recycling. Using recycled metals means lower costs for manufacturers (compared to creating these same metals by digging them out of the earth.

The upshot is, metal recycling centers like ours perform a valuable service for industry as well as the environment. To keep our facilities going we need a steady supply of scrap metals and our customers are the ones who supply us with that scrap. As we’ve also written this relationship between scrapper, recycling center and manufacturing is a win-win-win one. Every link in this “chain” either makes or saves money and in the case of saved money, a penny saved is a penny earned!

We look for non-ferrous metals because they are in such high demand. Statistically non-ferrous metals make up about 10% of all the metal that gets recycled. However, they are responsible for half the earnings of the scrap metal recycling industry. You can see, then, why it makes sense to encourage customers to bring in non-ferrous metals.

On the Lookout for Scrap Metal Sellers in L.A.

To keep our business humming we need scrappers like you to sell us your scrap metal. Some scrap metal enthusiasts may pile some aluminum rims in a van and haul it in to us themselves and earn enough for a nice dinner. Others may have more industrial amounts of scrap. When that’s the case, if you don’t have the vehicles to transport your metals, that’s when we become your nearest recycling center. We do have the vehicles and we want your scrap so give us a call!

Scrap metal to sell? Bring it here or we’ll come to you anywhere in Los Angeles.

Keep in mind that there are some metals that scrap yards like ours do not take. Before you bring in your scrap metal it pays to give us a call just to be sure we take a particular metal. The “usual suspects” such as copper, brass and aluminum are always in demand and welcome here are you friendly neighborhood recycling center. So if you’re looking to make some good money by scrapping metals you have on hand, call TM Scrap Metals, the nearest recycling center in Los Angeles. 818-771-0510.