Scrap Brass For Cash In Los Angeles

Brass scrap prices in Los Angeles are one of the highest for any scrap metal. Granted, copper scrap continues to be “king” (as we wrote a short time ago) but if brass is not king, it surely must be a prince. As of this writing copper is going for $3.38 per pound but brass is a close second coming in at anywhere from $1.80 to $250 per pound based on the type of brass you bring in to scrap for cash.

Red vs. Yellow Brass

For the uninitiated—those new to scrap metal recycling—just like copper there are different types or classifications of brass. Some pay more than others. Did you know there is yellow brass as well as red brass? Red brass is actually bronze and not true brass. Brass is made up of copper and zinc. Bronze is created by combining copper with tin (and/or other metals). Yellow brass is an alloy made up of copper and zinc. Red brass, as we said, is bronze and made up of copper, tin and zinc.

Scrap brass price Los Angeles
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Yellow brass is perhaps the most familiar to us because of its use in musical instruments. This hard metal is also found in things like locks and door handles. It’s also sometimes used in electrical components. Firearms enthusiasts will no doubt recognize brass in the cartridges they use and expend when shooting. Red brass is used in things like valves, sprinklers or other plumbing parts.

Brass is a heavier metal (compared to something like aluminum) so a smaller amount pays much more than its aluminum equivalent. Taking a moment to collect spent shells at the shooting range could turn out to be lucrative due to the weight of brass.

Red brass has a higher copper content than yellow brass and as such pays a bit more at the scrap metal recycling center. There is also something called semi-red brass which is cheaper to manufacture than true red brass because of the other metals added to this alloy including zinc, tin and lead.

For those new to scrap metal recycling in the Los Angeles area, when you find yourself in possession of a ton (perhaps literally) of scrap brass but aren’t sure what kind or quality of brass it is, you need only call the scrap metal experts at TM Scrap Metals. We’ll be able to identify the metal and let you know its value as of that day. For scrap brass pricing it only takes one call.

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