Burbank/Sun Valley’s TM Scrap Metals Pays Top Dollar

Copper recycling in Los Angeles has gotten a lot of attention in recent years due to the fact that copper is one of the higher-paying scrap metals. Indeed we got to the point where people were actually stealing copper pipes to be able to take them to a scrap metal recycling company in exchange for cash. It’s disheartening to think what some people will stoop to in trying to make money, but for the rest of us who are engaged in a legitimate scrap metal recycling, copper can be particularly lucrative if the amount you’re looking to recycle is large enough.

With that said you’re going to find different prices for different types of copper. Why is this? The answer is obvious if you look at things such as copper tubes and compare them to copper wire, especially wire that’s been coated. The copper wire beneath the coating is harder to get at and costs more to extract then just the naked copper tubing. That’s why the price for coated copper wire will be less than that for copper tubing.

Scrap metal recycling Los Angeles: copper
Scrap metal recycling Los Angeles: copper

There are a variety of websites, including TM Scrap Metals in the Los Angeles California area, that will allow you to see the current price per pound or ton of various metals. There’s an interesting and informative website called iScrapApp which shows current metal prices, and taking a look at today’s prices for copper we can see that copper tubing pays about $2.50 per pound. Compare that to the price for insulated copper wire and you see that the copper wire pays significantly less. Less than one dollar per pound.

Los Angeles Scrap Metal Pricing

Whatever the going rate for a metal, be it copper, brass or some other metal you’re going to want to find the closest (and most reputable) recycling facility to whom you can sell this metal. Physical proximity is important especially when we’re dealing with metals by the hundreds of pounds or tons. You’re not going to want to drive and to the actual city of Los Angeles to recycle your scrap metal if you’re located in the San Fernando Valley. If you have a truckload of a particular metal– in this case copper—it makes sense costwise to recycle locally and the Burbank / Sun Valley area is central to many San Fernando Valley locations. For example, it’s a short drive from Van Nuys or Studio City to TM Scrap Metals in Burbank. For large amounts of scrap copper,  you have to factor in drive time and gas or diesel prices when determining how much you will actually get by recycling your scrap copper. Keep in mind that TM Scrap Metals also has a mobile recycling service so no matter where you are, we can come to you!

If you’re looking for the best deal in scrap metal recycling we invite you to visit us at TM Scrap Metals and discover the difference experience makes.