The Underrated Scrap Metal Hiding in Your Home

Brass scrap prices as of this writing range from $.50 to $1.45 per pound.  This week as we recently wrote about in our top seven scrap metals to recycle for cash, brass is close to the top  of the list.  Putting aside precious metals like gold and silver for a moment, brass comes in right under copper as a high-paying scrap metal.

You may not give it much thought until you actually decide to engage in scrap metal recycling. Once you do you tend to look for every instance of a particular metal that you can find. In the case of brass you’ll probably be counting every door knob and radiator that you can get your hands on.  There are other places where brass is used and this article from Industrial Metal Supply goes into detail about items around the house or office that are made from brass. We’ll go one step further and suggested if you have collected old deep sea diving equipment, odds are you’ll have a brass diving helmet among your items.

Scrap Brass In Maritime Equipment

Brass is used in a lot of nautical or maritime equipment because it is corrosion-resistant. Obviously that’s the reason the diving helmets were constructed of brass. But there are other items around the home such as ammunition casings or latches for doors.  As we have said some automotive parts are made of brass and the radiator is a good example, again because brass is a corrosion-resistant metal and you don’t want the liquid continuously flowing through a radiator eating away at the metal.

Brass scrap price for instruments
Brass scrap price for instruments-maybe not this one, though!

Of course most homeowners are not going to have tons of brass to bring to the scrap metal dealer, TM Scrap Metals,  your Los Angeles recycling center.  It will probably be more industrial enterprises which bring the truck loads of scrap metal to us. However, should you as a homeowner find yourself in possession of a significant amount of brass you will be looking for brass scrap prices in an effort to make a bit of money through recycling.

Depending on the amount of brass you have it may be more convenient to have us come and pick it up. TM Scrap Metals is famous for its mobile recycling service. One quick call we’ll be at your location anywhere in Los Angeles to pick up all the brass you want to recycle cash. If you’re thinking about scrapping excess brass call us 818-771-0510.

Brass scrap turned into treasure!