Los Angeles Scrap Metal Buyer Says Yes

Metal recycling just may be a key to boost income in these tough economic times. We’ve mentioned it before, but aside from an unexpected inheritance or taking on another job, collecting those pieces of nonferrous metal you may have lying around the house can mean cash in your pocket.

TM Scrap Metals, Inc is Los Angeles’ number one recycling center. We buy your scrap metal and pay you cash on the spot. Also, you get better prices per pound then many other centers in the Southland. That’s why so many people make the trip to our location from as far away as Van Nuys or Simi Valley.

Copper recycling is booming especially because of its high price per pound. If you have extra copper items lying around (including wire, coated or bare) these can be sold for cash.

Metal recycling of copper items in Los Angeles
Metal recycling of copper items in Los Angeles

If you’re unsure of what metal items we take, just give us a call. Also, if you have a ton (literally) and find it hard to transport all that metal, we can come pick it up. It’s just that convenient. So if today’s high rate of inflation is putting the pinch on you, bring your scrap metal to us and get paid!