Where to Find These Treasure Troves of Scrap Metal

Metal recycling is often times a dirty business. Why? Well, the items we receive are not always in pristine condition, nor are they separated by types of metal. Sometimes the things that come into our recycling facility have to be further processed to Separate for extract one metal from another. If you skimmed over the content on our website you know that one of the things we ask for is electric motors. You may not have given much thought to this and if you thought of metal recycling at all this probably just taking your excess soft drink cans to the recycler for a few extra dollars.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. A metal recycling Company such as TM scrap metals Will be able to process those aluminum cans, sure. But we also have the resources to handle more complex jobs like separating one metal from another. In essence, we do the heavy lifting see you don’t have to worry about it. After all, do you have to resources to take apart an electric motor and Separate each component by the type of metal it is?  We do. That’s our business.

Industrial electric motor for metal recycling in Los Angeles
Industrial electric motor for metal recycling in Los Angeles

We ask for electric motors to be recycled because they contain a Wealth of various metals including a significant amount of copper wire. Copper wire recycling is one of the biggest parts of our business and you can imagine why. Copper is used in hundreds of thousands of applications: in construction,  electronics  and plumbing, just to name a few.

So where do you find these electric motors?  Just about anything that runs on the electricity it’s going to have an electric motor. Think about all the gadgets work tools in your kitchen that you plug in. Think of other items around the house like your vacuum what about that blender? If it’s electric and it moves thoughts are going to have an electric motor inside. How many ancient vacuums or other broken down electronics have you seen just tossed into the trash? In our disposable society, once something stops working the tendency is to just get rid of it. We’ve seen tons of electronics outside of houses waiting for the City of Los Angeles department of sanitation pick up these bulky items. Yes tossing them into the trash gets them out of sight and out of mind. However, if all these homeowners we’re throwing away these electronic items which contain electric motors new that they can actually get some money by recycling these items we’re sure that we see a lot less waiting to be picked up by the garbage people.

Seasoned scrap metal recyclers notice and some make the rounds of their neighborhoods looking for obsolete items that They can take apart, extract the electric motor, and bring it to the metal recycling facility. As with everything we recycle, bringing things like electric motors to us means that they don’t go into a landfill. We end up benefiting because we can break down those motors, extract individual metals, and sell them  at a profit. The person who brings it to us receives some money for the scrap metal items instead of just throwing something in the trash and having to go out and buy a new version. And of course the environment benefits because that old vacuum cleaner or food processor and it’s heavy electric motor it’s not going into the trash dump.

Do you have an obsolete electronic item that contains a motor? Would you rather get cash for that scrap metal as opposed to throwing it in the trash? We know the answer is yes so please bring any and all Electric motors twice a TM scrap metals here in Sun Valley. We pay top prices for metals and We are the Best scrap metal recycling center the San Fernando Valley. Drop by with your electric motors and see why.