TM Scrap Metals Takes All Kinds

Romex wire recycling is a subject we’ve written about before when we talked about stripping wires prior to recycling for scrap. However, we did not go into detail about the types of wire that people bring to our Los Angeles recycling center. While we alluded to all types of wires we can certainly be more specific and name one of the most popular types of wiring, specifically Romex.

Romex is the trademark name for kind of electrical conductor that does not have metallic sheathing, the kind that is used in residential electrical wiring. According to the National Electrical Code it is categorized as an underground feeder (UF) or nonmetallic sheathed cable (NM or NMC).

Romex wire recycling Los Angeles
Romex wire recycling Los Angeles

Because of the flame resistant and moisture resistant nature of the coating of this type of wiring, it’s permitted in areas that are more moist, like basements. That doesn’t really apply to our dry environment Los Angeles but it’s an interesting thing to know.

In some areas—and this may apply to you—Romex wire is not permitted and instead the use of armored cable is required. Armored cable is a whole different ball of wax that we won’t discuss here for wire recycling purposes.

Wire Recycling Near You

If you find yourself in possession of a significant amount Romex cable and you’re looking to recycle scrap wiring for cash in and around Los Angeles, bring your excess scrap wire to TM Scrap Metals.  We are conveniently located just off Interstate 5 in the Burbank / Sun Valley, California area. Keep in mind, however, that no matter where you are in greater Los Angeles, if you want to recycle scrap for cash we can come to you! Take advantage of our mobile recycling service and with one phone call we’ll schedule a pick up and pay you cash for your scrap wires. Call today! 818-771-0510.