Automobile Transportation Companies Supply Consumers Better Options

junk car sold as scrap for cash

Getting That Junk Car to the Scrap Metal Dealer You may want to sell metal auto parts for scrap and make extra cash. That’s great and we’re here for you. If the parts are removed from the vehicle they’re easier to transport and you can always take advantage of our mobile recycling service. However, some […]

An Intro To Pallets & Their Uses

Wood pallets at L.A. metal recycling center

Scrap Metal Usually Ends Up On One A pallet is a flat structure, which is utilized to carry a range of products while being raised by a forklift. In some locations, but less commonly utilized, metal pallets are also available. Used for moving a lot of heavy stuff all at once, these are seen at […]

Picking Metal Mailboxes

metal recycling into mailboxes on fence

Metal Recycling From Scrap to Functional Decor Metal recycling has many outcomes. The scrap you turn in to your dealer and get paid for may end up as aluminum siding, a stainless steel knife, a brass plumbing fixture or even a mailbox outside your home! There are a lot of individuals today that require a […]

Uses And Reuses for Metals

Jewelry made from scrap metals

Recycling And Repurposing Your Scrap Most of our customers use our services to make extra money and provide us with as great a quantity of metals as possible to maximize their ROI. However, bringing your excess metals to a recycling center such as ours is not the only way to eliminate waste. For those who […]

Supply Chain Disruption May Hit Scrap Metal Market

Scrap metal for Los Angeles offloaded in Ensenada

Will Los Angeles Scrap Metal Recycling Take a Hit? Scrap metal recycling companies in the Los Angeles area are watching the global supply chain disruption closely. As we’ve written about previously, both the proposed changes in import restrictions from some countries as well as the general backlog of container ships trying to get into California […]

California To Crack Down on False Recycling Claims

Plastic vs scrap metal recycling Los Angeles

Holding Manufacturers Accountable for Symbols Recycling centers in Los Angeles may be dealing with less materials if legislators in Sacramento get their way. State Senator Ben Allen is the lead sponsor of a bill in the Senate which would ban companies from utilizing the familiar recycling arrows symbol unless those companies can prove that the […]

How2Recycle: Not Just a Phrase, a Labeling System

Los Angeles recycling center sign

If you read recycling news such as the website Recycling Today, you get to keep your finger on the pulse of scrap metal recycling. Reuse of nonferrous metals especially is a prime focus for many businesses that utilize scrap metal. In recent years there has been a move to consolidate recycling practices and for all […]

Copper Recycling Prices

Copper mine aerial view

Copper Price Per Pound Going Strong Post-Pandemic Copper recycling prices have been on the rebound since a  copper price per pound low of $2.17 which occurred in March of 2020. Now that economies around the world are opening up after dealing with more than a year of coronavirus-induced shutdowns, there is increased demand for this […]

Scrap Metal Market Robust Through 2021

Steel mill using scrap metals

Industry Healthier Than Early 2000s According to economic indicators it appears that the metals market will contine to be strong for the rest of the year. As Recycling Today (RT) reports, there are a number of factors that contribute to the health of the scrap metal recycling industry (including economic outlook, taxes, etc.) but overall […]

Where Does Scrap Metal End Up?

Scrap aluminum being melted at foundry

New Ingot Production Plant Will Increase Demand As recent article in Recycling Today talks about the plan by the European company Hydro (part of Norsk Hydro, based in Norway) to open an ingot plant in Michigan. The facility in Eastern Michigan would, of course, mean more jobs for the industry in the state which is […]