In L.A. That’s TM Scrap Metals

“Recycling center near me” is a popular search on the internet. We know because that’s how a lot of people find us online. We did some research and in Los Angeles County there are approximately 33,000 searches per month for that term. That tells us that a LOT of folks are recycling and a lot are looking for recycling centers like ours to earn cash for that scrap metal.

In our portion of Los Angeles (near the Burbank, CA – Sun Valley border) the area is dedicated to more industrial businesses like scrap metal recycling or auto part yards. Because our location is so close to Interstate 5 (which runs through Sun Valley) it makes us all the more convenient for many in the San Fernando Valley. For much of the Valley we truly are the recycling center near you!

chains at recycling center near me los angeles
Rusty chains at recycling center near me in Los Angeles

That moniker also applies to all of greater Los Angeles since TM Scrap Metals has a mobile recycling option. That’s right, you don’t have to lift a finger to recycle your scrap copper, aluminum, brass or steel (or any other metal). We can come to you!

L.A. Recycling Center Metal Preparation

You may want to separate or prepare your scrap metals for recycling and many recycling centers or programs throughout the country have their own requirements on how to do this (and we did touch on this in our earlier recycling center post) but either the scrap seller or the scrap metal recycling company will need to separate the different types of metal so that they can be easily melted down.

If you’ve visited TM Scrap Metals or any other scrap yard you’ve realized that metal recycling has an efficient method and that just before the melting process each specific metal is crushed into large cubes that can be easily shipped to whatever foundry they’re bound for.

If you want to read about the recycling process in more depth, visit the Earth 911 website which goes into greater detail.  One item of note about metal recycling; did you know that nonferrous metals make up only around 10 percent of recycled metal, but account for more than 50 percent of all cash paid for scrap? Nonferrous metals are things that don’t contain iron, such as stainless steel.

If you are looking for a way to help the environment and make some money at the same time, and you are living in the Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley area, check out TM Scrap Metals. We truly are the recycling center near you. Call us today at 818-771-0510!