Being “Green”

Recycling Los Angeles with Eco Friendly Products

Our Recycling Center is Just A Part of the Effort It seems nearly unthinkable to believe that startingmy cars and trucks and letting them run for five minutes in the SoCal heat to get the air conditioning going has any impact on theearth’s pulse, but when you multiply the millions of times Californians do the […]

Nearest Recycling Center Los Angeles

nearest metal recycling center in Los Angeles

As Close As Your Phone We’re the L.A. recycling center that’s closer to you than any other. How is that possible? Simple. That’s because TM Scrap Metals has a mobile recycling service. Just what is that? Well, no matter where you are located in Los Angeles, you can merely give us a call and we […]

Recycling Center Near Me?

chains at recycling center near me los angeles

In L.A. That’s TM Scrap Metals “Recycling center near me” is a popular search on the internet. We know because that’s how a lot of people find us online. We did some research and in Los Angeles County there are approximately 33,000 searches per month for that term. That tells us that a LOT of […]