As Close As Your Phone

We’re the L.A. recycling center that’s closer to you than any other. How is that possible? Simple. That’s because TM Scrap Metals has a mobile recycling service. Just what is that? Well, no matter where you are located in Los Angeles, you can merely give us a call and we can come to your location! How’s that for simple?

nearest metal recycling center in Los Angeles
We’re the nearest metal recycling center in Los Angeles

Look, there are a plethora of metal recycling facilities in Los Angeles and we want to be number one. We achieve that through several ways. First is convenience. If you have a lot of scrap metal you’re looking to recycle for cash but don’t want to load it all up and transport it yourself to a scrap metal yard, well, you don’t have to. We come to you. We’ll take that scrap off your hands and pay you for it. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your armchair if you don’t want. That beats hauling your own scrap metal any day.

Great Scrap Metal Prices and Great Service

Scrap metal prices are another way we strive to be number one in Los Angeles. As we’ve said, you have a choice to transport your scrap to the scrap yard down the street, but with our mobile recycling option as well as paying great prices for scrap metal we think we’re the best choice in L.A. In addition we’re scrap pros and we’ll let you know just how valuable your scrap is and what we can pay for it. Remember, things like insulated wire will pay less than wire that’s been stripped. Regardless you’re going to get some of the best scrap metal pricing in the Los Angeles area.

One more thing we should say is that we’re a really nice team to work with. If it comes down to choosing one scrap metal dealer over another, why not go with the one that treats you fairly, with courtesy and professionalism. In other words, go with TM Scrap Metals. Take advantage of our mobile recycling or drop by our Los Angeles recycling center. Call us today for your metal recycling needs. 818-771-0510.