Nearest Recycling Center Los Angeles

nearest metal recycling center in Los Angeles

As Close As Your Phone We’re the L.A. recycling center that’s closer to you than any other. How is that possible? Simple. That’s because TM Scrap Metals has a mobile recycling service. Just what is that? Well, no matter where you are located in Los Angeles, you can merely give us a call and we […]

Scrap Metal Recycling Make You Happy

Metal mining shaft TM Scrap Metals Los Angeles

Feeling Good About Doing Good A scrap metal recycling business isn’t something you often associate with happiness (although it should be!) but what we do here in our corner of Los Angeles should be cause for some celebration. What we mean by this is that you can feel good about recycling your scrap metal with […]

Recycled Scrap Metals: What Do They Become?

Los Angeles scrap metal recycling foundry

Scrap Metal Recycling Journey from Los Angeles to Everywhere A Los Angeles recycling center like TM Scrap Metals will see tons (literally) of metals come through our doors. We see everything from copper wire to tin cans. Most of the time our customers will drop off their scrap metals, get paid and never give the […]

Scrap Metal Prices in Burbank/Los Angeles Compared

Metal recycling Los Angeles

Scrap Metal Recycling in Other Cities Less? Scrap metal recycling in Los Angeles higher priced than other states? Well, if you’re thinking that you can take that load of scrap copper or scrap aluminum across the border to, say, Arizona or Nevada and get a better rate, forget it. The rates for scrap metal prices […]