Scrap Metal Recycling Journey from Los Angeles to Everywhere

A Los Angeles recycling center like TM Scrap Metals will see tons (literally) of metals come through our doors. We see everything from copper wire to tin cans. Most of the time our customers will drop off their scrap metals, get paid and never give the metals a second thought—but we do! Did you ever wonder what becomes of those scrap metals after you drop them off at our Burbank recycling center? It can be fascinating.

Los Angeles scrap metal recycling foundry
Los Angeles scrap metal recycling foundry

It’s fairly easy to guess that aluminum cans gets melted down and in most cases become…aluminum cans again! But what about those tin cans? You probably didn’t realize that the can of food you buy at the grocery store may have been recycled several times already. Many tin cans are made up of mostly recycled materials and some are 100% recycled. Even so, those tin cans can also end up as automobile parts or construction materials like rebar.

If you want to amuse yourself for a few minutes check out the state of Maine’s department of environmental protection website and click on all the recycled materials to find out what they become after you drop them off at the recycling center. If you have small kids they’ll get a kick out of this.

Most of the metal that gets recycled in our country goes into the making of totally new things like building materials or appliances. That tin can they may become an aircraft part. Scrap aluminum and scrap steel are commonly used as packaging for foods.  Still other uses for scrap metal for things like furnishings, light fixtures and roofing materials made of metal.

In all cases the recycling process is great for the environment because new metals don’t have to be dug up from the ground. They can simply be reused, melted down and formed into something completely new. So perhaps when you’re in the market to recycle your scrap metal, if you haven’t given much thought to what it may become, now you have a little more information. In fact that car or truck you’re using to deliver your scrap metal load to TM Scrap Metals may indeed be made of one of your earlier loads of recycled metal.  That’s food for thought!

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