Feeling Good About Doing Good

A scrap metal recycling business isn’t something you often associate with happiness (although it should be!) but what we do here in our corner of Los Angeles should be cause for some celebration. What we mean by this is that you can feel good about recycling your scrap metal with us for many reasons.

Aside from the prices we pay for scrap metal (which translates into cash in your pocket) there are more altruistic reasons to feel good about bringing your scrap to TM Scrap Metals. We’ve touched on some of those aspects in earlier posts and many are listed by other recycling organizations such as wheelsforwishes.org but they always bear repeating since who knows which article someone will happen upon when looking for scrap metal recycling in Los Angeles.

Metal mining shaft TM Scrap Metals Los Angeles
Metal mining shaft TM Scrap Metals Los Angeles

The three main reasons to recycle are that metals can be reused (melted down again and again) without any degradation. A recycled metal is just as good as one newly-dug-up from the earth. Second, it costs far less to recycle a metal than to mine it. Third, by recycling scrap metal, the need to mine those metals decreases. We should add (and have done so earlier) that recycling metals delays using up valuable landfill space.

Recycling Metal in Los Angeles

Los Angeles recycling centers perform the same service as other private scrap metal yards around the country so really the only decision you have to make is to decide how convenient your metal recycler is to you. In Burbank our recycling center is just a few minutes’ drive. We’re also convenient to other San Fernando Valley cities. But with TM Scrap Metals distance really isn’t a factor because we offer mobile recycling. That’s correct, we come to you! If you have scrap metal you want to recycle for cash you need only call us to schedule a pick up. That means we’re you Burbank recycling center, your Glendale recycling center, Van Nuys recycling center and really your whole San Fernando Valley recycling center. With mobile scrap metal recycling we make feeling good about yourself even easier.

Recycling really is an occasion to celebrate. We at TM Scrap Metals can help you feel good about the environment as well as your wallet. Call us today at 818-771-5010.