New Ingot Production Plant Will Increase Demand

As recent article in Recycling Today talks about the plan by the European company Hydro (part of Norsk Hydro, based in Norway) to open an ingot plant in Michigan. The facility in Eastern Michigan would, of course, mean more jobs for the industry in the state which is a boon to the state’s economy. The plan is to produce 120,000 tons of aluminum ingots per year in the facility.

Scrap aluminum being melted at foundry
Scrap aluminum being melted at foundry

The proposed plant would be located about 45 minutes from Kalamazoo, MI and would ostensibly double the amount of aluminum produced by Hydro. In the article the author writes about “post consumer” aluminum supplying the proposed plant. In other words, this huge facility will need to be supplied with scrap aluminum to the tune of 120,000 tons per annum.

If you ever wondered where those aluminum cans go once you drop them off at TM Scrap Metals, here’s at least a partial answer. While the Hydro plant has not yet been built there are others around the world that continually need to be fed with a steady stream of scrap metals like aluminum. With another such foundry online the need will increase even more.

No Letup For Scrap Aluminum Demand in Los Angeles

It’s no wonder at our Sun Valley, CA location that we see a tremendous amount of aluminum scrap pass through our doors. As we’ve said before it’s one of the most popular metals to be recycled and it’s easy for scrappers to amass a considerable supply of the metal in the form of discarded soda cans. We will always be on the lookout for more aluminum and as a result of this latest European/American endeavor there will be an even greater need for this metal.

Metal ingots like this are made from recycled scrap metals

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