Scrap Metal Recycling Unaffected at TM Scrap Metals

Los Angeles recycling centers apparently suffered greatly during the height of the coronavirus outbreak. Back in December the Los Angeles times published an article detailing the trials and tribulations of the recycling industry in the Southland. While the result of the Coronavirus was that many scrap metal recycling centers closed their doors for some time, people found it difficult to locate a place to take their excess scrap metals.

According to the article, however, there was another incident that affected scrap metal yards around the country even before the effects of COIVD-19  were being felt. There was a collapse of the recycling market because many buyers overseas were not purchasing the amount of scrap materials that they had in the past. This caused a significant number of recycling centers to shutter their doors. Because of this and after being hit by the second punch of the coronavirus, many recycling centers  closed up shop.

This caused people who wanted to recycle to find other places to take their scrap metal. While some recycling centers went out of business, others like us–TM Scrap Metals in Sun Valley, California–to deal with a surge in scrap metal customers. One company’s loss is another company’s gain as it turns out.

Los Angeles recycling center aluminum rims
Los Angeles recycling center aluminum rims

As of June 15 fifteenth of this year we can fairly safely say that the shutdowns and restrictions imposed is the coronavirus are mostly a thing of the past as California begins the process of getting back to business and recovering both physically and financially from the coronavirus. However, this is all a long way of saying that TM Scrap Metals continues to service the scrap metal recycling market. We have been fortunate in that we have not felt the effects here that other scrap metal dealers in and around Los Angeles have felt.

Metal Recycling for All San Fernando Valley

With the closure of the number of metal recycling facilities in the Southland scrappers may need to locate another facility to take their scrap metals to. If that’s your situation we just wanted to say that we are open and busy! We are the Los Angeles recycling center of choice for a variety of reasons. One is that we are conveniently located just off Interstate 5 in Sun Valley, north of Burbank. This makes us an ideal location for all San Fernando Valley metal recycling

And we also like to stress the fact that because of our mobile recycling service it doesn’t matter where you are in greater Los Angeles. If you have scrap metal you need to recycle for cash we can come to you and pick it up.  If COVID-19 put your recycling plans on hold and you have an over abundance of scrap metal you need to recycle, call TM Scrap Metals today. 818-771-0510.